Whilst researching for my PhD., I taught for 4 years in the undergraduate chemistry labs at Queen Mary, University of London, and was involved in the Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (SEFP) chemistry courses, which lead to coordinating and lecturing them after obtaining my PhD. I also coordinated the Core Maths teaching across the college, ran and taught the Physics Practical School, and managed various short courses and programmes to encourage target groups to attend University (Pier 18 Saturday School, HEFCE Summer School).

I created the Drop-In Study Centre (DISC) at QMUL, providing ad-hoc teaching for all undergraduates in the sciences and engineering. This proved to be a most rewarding experience, with the teaching dictated by the students, always kept me on my toes, and provided insight into the best approaches to teach the same subjects in different disciplines, culminating in a website and set of teaching guides developed specifically for the DISC.

I gained a Certificate in Learning and Teaching (CILT) in the final year of teaching (2003) at QMUL.